Nieuws van de Tuiniergroep Savornin Lohmanlaan

Nieuws van de Tuiniergroep Savornin Lohmanlaan! De nieuwe beheerders spreken Engels, dus de tekst is in het Engels. Moeite met deze taal? Schiet ons even aan, dan praten we je bij.


You may have noticed some activity at the southern end of the Groene T van Noord recently as the Tuniergroep Savornin Lohmanlaan have been re-launching the growing beds in the garden. The old beds were rotted and underused and so, over the last few weeks, we have begun again from scratch creating new beds along the original design. The raised beds are made from hard wood in order to last and there are eight in total; five larger and three smaller beds. The pathways have then been covered with wood chippings to create a new, attractive, community growing area.


Each bed has been assigned to a local household who applied over the last few weeks and in return for the plot, they commit to the general upkeep of the garden. Recently, the roses have been pruned and dead plant material and vines cut back to create a lighter and airier environment around the circle and benches. Now the eight new gardeners are keen to get started growing vegetables and flowers on their new plots!

While we have been completing the work there has been a lot of interest from local people passing by who have stopped to chat. The most common question has inevitably been, ‘what will we be growing?’ Of course, this is up to each individual plot owner, but there has been a lot of enthusiasm for the traditional crops such as tomatoes, spinach and herbs, but also more unusual produce not so readily available in Albert Heijn! These suggestions include sorrel, tomatillo and chard. One plot holder is determined to grow a melon from seed, so let’s hope it is a hot summer!


You can follow our progress on Instagram @tuinsavornin and if you would like to participate or are interested in going on the waiting list for a plot of your own, you can send an e-mail to We also plan an open day in May once Covid restrictions have eased a little, where you can meet the plot holders. Details will be put on the notice board in the garden or e-mailed to those interested.


In the meantime keep a look out for what is growing and introduce yourself to the plotholders as you enjoy your springtime walks around the Groene T van Noord.”

Matt – Tuiniergroep De Savornin Lohmanlaan

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